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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services division provides clerical service/support for the church to ensure efficient office operations, and serve the needs of the Pastor, congregation and public.
Director: Pastor Cornealius “Chuck” Lester

  • Administrative Services Staff
    The Administrative Services Staff provides administrative support to the church to facilitate all ministry needs.
  • Church Clerks
    The Church Clerk exists to effectively record and manage church data related but not limited to baptisms, baby dedications and the death of members of Christ Missionary. In addition, the role of the church clerk is to ensure that church records are maintained and that the business of the church is documented. 
    Ministry Leaders: Valerie Russel-Scott and Fauita Watkins
  • Guest Services
    Ministry Leaders: Deacon Patsy Daniels
  • Higher Calling Human Resources Ministry
    The Higher Calling Human Resources Ministry exists to assist the church in administrative matters related to employment of personnel, personnel policies, employee development and training, employee discipline and counseling, salaries, and benefits. This ministry also assists in maintaining a code of conduct and ethics for church operations.
    Ministry Leader: Deneen Lester, B.A., M.S. 
  • Usher Ministry 
    The Usher Ministry exists to meet and greet members and visitors as they gather for worship. Ushers work to enhance the positive perception of CMBC by serving in a manner that glorifies God. 
    Ministry Leader: LaJuana Gibson and Monique Holley
  • Greeters
    The Greeter ministry is a ministry of hospitality which exists to help all members and visitors feel welcome upon entering the campus and/or sanctuary of CMBC and to offer basic information as needed. 
    Ministry Leader: Crystal Steward

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care division provides a ministry of Pastoral care and membership nurture to the congregation through distinctive Christian care-giving.
Director: Pastor Nadolyn Dunigan

  • Guardian Angels
    The Guardian Angel ministry exists to aid with the incorporation and assimilation of new members into the body of CMBC.
    Ministry Leaders: Glenda Taylor and Sharon Patterson-Carr
  • First Response Team 

    The First Response Team (FRT) exists to provide care by immediately responding to CMBC members who are hospitalized or receiving treatment at local hospitals. The team is comprised of members of CMBC who are employed as health care professionals at hospitals in the Mid-South area. 

    Ministry Leaders: Pastor Nadolyn Dunigan
  • Guardian Angels
    The Guardian Angel ministry exists to aid with the incorporation and assimilation of new members into the body of CMBC.
    Ministry Leaders: Glenda Taylor and Sharon Patterson-Carr
  • Koinonia
    The Koinonia ministry exists to foster, cultivate, encourage and nurture the development of authentic healthy relationships among the membership of CMBC.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Homebound Visitation
    The Homebound Visitation ministry exists to provide the ministry of care and visitation to members who are homebound due to long-term illness and disability and cannot participate regularly in the life of the church when the congregation gathers.
    Ministry Leader: Dr. Kym Morgan
  • Shepherd’s Staff Ministry
    The Shepherd’s Staff Ministry is a ministry of Pastoral and congregational care, which exists to facilitate Pastoral guidance and ensure safe passage through the membership process. This ministry will serve as an intentional support system for member assimilation and retention, spiritual formation, growth and development into full discipleship.
    Ministry Leader: Ina Jones

Community And Congregational Life

The Division of Community and Congregational Life exists to support the mission and vision of Christ Missionary Baptist Church through a variety of ministry offerings that are designed to build up the fellowship and Minister to the spirit, soul and body of the congregation and community.
Director: Director Jan Carrell and Director Anthony Johnson

  • SWORD Singles Ministry (Singles Walking in Obedience Righteousness and Dominion)
    The Singles ministry exists to Minister to singles through fellowship, evangelism, worship, discipleship and outreach to develop them into whole individuals in Christ. Our purpose is to serve support and encourage singles on their Christian journey.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Men
    The Men’s Ministry exists to provide connection and growth opportunities for the men of CMBC and to empower them to experience Christ-centered growth, develop personal integrity and live in obedience to God’s word.
    Ministry Leader: Tobias Towers
  • Senior Jewels
    The Senior Jewels ministry exists to provide meaningful Christ-centered ministry opportunities that will enhance the quality of life and respond to the unique spiritual and social needs of the senior members of CMBC.
    Ministry Leader: Rosa Coleman
  • Keepers of the Covenant
    The Keepers of the Covenant Ministry is a fellowship of married couples which exists to provide nurture, marriage strengthening and support for spiritual growth and development.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Intercessory Prayer
    The Intercessory Prayer ministry exists to provide consistent and on-going prayer for the needs of the Pastor and congregation. Provides leadership to corporate prayer opportunities to strengthen, enhance and continuously develop the prayer life of the church.
    Ministry Leader: Min. Wanda Taylor and Min. Stephanie Turner
  • Deliverance Ministry
    Exists to Minister healing and deliverance to the whole person through the power of the Holy Spirit. This ministry is aimed at solving problems related to demons and spirits.
    Ministry Leader: Minister Mona Lisa Carrell
  • RAPHA Ministry
    The RAPHA ministry exists to promote health and wellness through health education and awareness.
    Ministry Leader: Sarah Graham
  • Resource Ministry
    The Resource Ministry is a ministry of encouragement which exists to recognize and reward milestone accomplishments and achievements of members.
    Ministry Leader: Tiffany Bailey and LaKetha Towers
  • Women of Wisdom
    The Women of Wisdom ministry exists to serve as a spiritual motherhood and mentoring ministry designed to support young adult women in discovering their God-given worth and purpose. Emphasis is placed upon biblical instruction and training to release them for kingdom work.
    Ministry Leader: Amelia Malone

Counseling And Small Groups

The Counseling and Small Groups division exists to provide support that is biblically and scripturally based to individuals of the congregation and larger communities who are experiencing challenges and difficulties with general life issues and problems.
Director: Dr. Deborah Carter

  • Soul Survivors
    The Soul Survivors Ministry exists to provide a support system for those who have experienced or/are presently suffering from serious illness and disease and to provide caregiver support
    Ministry Leader: Deacon Gwen Madden
  • Stephen Ministry
    The Stephen Ministry exists to provide distinctive Christian one-on-one care to hurting members of the congregation.
    Ministry Leaders: Deacon Jan Carrell
  • Counseling
    The Counseling Ministry exists to provide biblically based and faith based support to members of Christ Missionary Baptist Church and the larger faith community who are experiencing problems of an emotional, physical, and/or spiritual nature, on their journey to health and wholeness. Support and assistance is available to individuals and groups.
    Ministry Leader: Pastor Deborah Carter
  • LIFE Groups
    LIFE groups exist to provide a structured intimate setting for sharing Christ, building relationships, meeting needs and reaching out in love to the world.
    Director: Pastor Deborah Carter

Disciple Development

The Division of Disciple Development exists to provide members and non-members with an array of Biblically sound, diverse curricula that will empower the people of God to grow spiritually, nurture relationships and become equipped for every good Christian work.
Director: Pastor Marilyn Smith

  • School of Disciple Development
    The School of Disciple Development exists to provide on-going teaching opportunities for the spiritual growth and maturity of all ages
    Ministry Leader: Deacon Minnie E. Logan
  • Teen Bible Study
    Ministry Leaders: Elise Saulsberry
  • Children’s Bible Study
    Ministry Leader: Minister Connita Hill

Facilities Maintenance

The Division of Facilities Maintenance exists to provide continual care of God’s house and maintenance of the grounds. Our goal is to provide a clean and comfortable setting where members and visitors can worship without distraction
Director: Adrian Stitt

  • Transportation
    To supply reliable and safe transportation to and from worship services and other church related functions as necessary.
    Ministry Leader: Deacon David Dunigan


The Finance division exists to support the ministry by recording, processing and maintaining accurate record of all income received and monies expended. This office develops and implements accounting practices that are in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
Director: Willie Skipper

Information Technology And Communications

The Division of Information Technology exists to provide support edify (by applying instruction), to equip, empower by developing skills in God's people and to evangelize by using practical tools and resources of technology.
Director: Joe Sanders

Leadership CMBC

Leadership CMBC is the leadership and development training designed to develop and prepare potential
leaders of Christ Missionary Baptist Church. Non-members may participate as well.

Scripture Reference

Numbers 27:15-18 (NIV) – 15 Moses said to the LORD, 16 “May the LORD, the God who gives breath to all
living things, appoint someone over this community 17 to go out and come in before them, one who will
lead them out and bring them in, so the LORD’s people will not be like sheep without a shepherd.”18 So
the LORD said to Moses, “Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit of leadership, and lay your
hand on him.

Our Mission

The mission of Leadership CMBC is to equip laity and clergy with the knowledge and skills to effectively
minister to the church and the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop leaders of competence, character and excellence.

Our Goal

The goal of “Leadership CMBC” is leadership multiplication by investing in the lives of those members
with a proven track record of commitment to ministry as well as those who have demonstrated an ability
or desire to lead. We have three strategic and programmatic goals.

  1. To advance leadership inclusiveness throughout the ministry
  2. To encourage, cultivate and engage latent leadership
  3. To fill potential leadership vacuums by producing generations of leaders who will lead in the church and the world in to the future

Core Leadership Competnecies

Leadership CMBC curriculumn is centered around 7 core leadership competencies:

  1. Character
  2. Communication
  3. Coachability
  4. Chemistry
  5. Commitment
  6. Competence
  7. Change

Ministry Director: Alicia E. Jones, B.A., MSL, IPMA-CP, LSSGB


The Media Ministry exists to enhance the worship experience and provide support to the church’s ministries by utilizing the tools of audio and visual technology. This ministry provides oversight for all audio-visual media and provides direction for all equipment used during all worship services or other scheduled church functions. This ministry is comprised of a number of individuals who have various expertise and knowledge in information technology or they have the willingness and dedication to learn.
Ministry Leaders: Nikia Grayson and Dr. Felicia Fowler

  • Social Media
    The Social Media ministry is a digital ministry which exists to utilize the invaluable tools of technology (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to extend spiritual care, formation, witness, evangelize and other manifestations of grace into online spaces. The ministry also seeks to connect with members, visitors and seekers online.
  • Live Audio Visual
    Responsible for providing sound and technical support for all church related events and events outside of the regular church services. This ministry also is responsible for setting up the sound system/lights and breaking down the system after the event is finished.
    Ministry Leader: Charles Edwards
  • Studio Recording
    Responsible for recording and mastering of all church services and designated calendar events as well as recording Worship and Arts special projects for archives, sales, and promotions
    Ministry Leader: Roberta Granderson-Catron
  • Globecaster
    Responsible for the display of song lyrics, power point presentations, scriptures, and text messages during services
  • Lighting
    Responsible for providing appropriate lighting for all church services, plays, concerts, musicals and events
  • Media Duplication
    Responsible for making all church services or other related events available for sale on DVD and CD.
  • Media Production & Editing
    Responsible for videotaping of all church services and designated calendar events, producing promotional videos and documentaries for archives, congregational awareness, and public relations; as well as producing church programs for television and radio broadcasting.
    Ministry Leader: Minister Stacy Dandridge
  • Imago Dei Photography
    Responsible for capturing all special moments on camera (must have your own camera). This includes regular church services, special events, conferences, youth events, anniversaries, etc.
    Ministry Leader: Jarryl “JD” McCollins
  • Media Interns
    Only for serious committed youth, ages 14 and up, desiring to get involved in the Multi-Media Ministry and grow with the multimedia team.


Exists to extend God’s love beyond the walls of the church through tangible acts of benevolence and kindness.
Director: Stanita Gaddy

  • Adopt-A-School
    An outreach partnership between CMBC, Ida B. Wells Academy and Riverview Middle School which provides human and financial resources to promote community involvement and provide educational and provide educational enrichment through tutoring, mentoring, and other services.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Bread of Life
    Exists to meet one of the most basic physical needs-(Hunger) by providing free lunch and offering weekly inspiration.
    Ministry Leader: Charles Gooden
  • Bereavement
    Exists to Minister the love of Christ and provide support to bereaved families by serving fellowship meals and demonstrating hospitality.
    Interim Ministry Leader: Deacon James Trotter and Deacon Nancy Adams
  • Benevolence and Emergency Assistance
    Exists to provide emergency assistance to persons experiencing crisis with rent, utilities, food and other emergencies. Also provides support to Senior Citizens
    Ministry Leader: Phyllis Phillips
  • Camp Christ Remix
    Camp Christ REMIX is a free eight week evening summer camp designed for children ages 9-18 that provides a well-rounded Christ-centered program with lots of fun and enriching activities. In addition to providing recreational activities, Camp Christ REMIX also provides a structured learning environment and the opportunity for youth and teens to challenge themselves to step beyond their abilities and feel safe trying new activities.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Dorcas Helping Hands
    Dorcas Helping Hands exists to offer tangible demonstrations of God’s love by providing assistance with home repairs and upkeep to Senior Citizens.
    Ministry Leader: Deacon Terryl Layrock
  • Echoes Global Outreach
    A global mission ministry initiative which exists to extend the Christian witness to the ends of the earth through outreach, partnership and programs which sustain, deliver and empower global communities. We execute this mission through evangelism, education, outreach ministry, and financial support.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Emblems of Destiny
    The Emblems of Destiny ministry exists to unlock the door to many God-given gifts and talents given to every man and woman. Provides the spiritual, emotional and technical resources to help men and women to discover: who they are; who God is and what He has created them to become.
    Ministry Leader: Michelle Taylor
  • Evangelism
    The Evangelism Ministry exists to lead the church to growth by providing kingdom leadership in the area of evangelism. This ministry also works with and under the direction of the Senior Pastor as a member of the Pastoral team to enable the church to focus on the Great Commission and to equip the church to carry out the five functions of the New Testament church: evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship and worship.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry
    To provide emergency food assistance and raise awareness about issues of hunger, homelessness and poverty.
    Ministry Leader: Director Stanita Gaddy
  • Harvest of Generosity
    Exists to enlist alternate funding and revenue sources for the financial support and resources needed to advance the kingdom of God.
    Ministry Leader: TBA
  • Transitional Prison Ministry
    Exists to provide holistic support to incarcerated women to assist with their transition from prison to life through process groups, biblical instruction and spiritual disciplines.
    Ministry Leader: Minister Janice Eason
  • Threads for Life
    Threads for Life Closet exists to provide personal apparel to persons that are in need. Our mission is to assure that clothes, shoes, outerwear and other accessories are available to the men, women and children of our congregation and the surrounding community with needs.
    Ministry Leader: Deloris Primous

Project Management

The Division of Project Management exists to A) Identify organizational problems (processes or procedures that are not congruent/working as intended; lack of clearly articulated processes or procedures); and B). Identify ministry related problems (i.e., ministries that are not aligned to the vision; continuous conflicts within a ministry). The Ministry exists to assist the church in gathering, analyzing and organizing information by reviewing current ministry (business) practices. This ministry performs analysis to aid ministry leaders in prioritizing strategic initiatives and provide insight into critical challenges facing the ministry/church.
Director: Maria A. Stewart


The Division of Safety exists to provide physical and emotional security to its members and visitors when attending functions of the church. This ministry seeks to provide a safe environment for church activities that include the collecting of tithes and offerings, parking, and general physical security.

The primary purpose of the Safety division is to maintain a peaceful, safe environment which is conducive to teaching, learning, working, living, and sharing in the word of our Lord and Savior. This ministry works through its dedicated members to actively solicit and encourage the cooperation of the church family to decrease the opportunity for crime and to facilitate maximum member participation in crime prevention by following basic rules and guidelines. We seek to reduce crime against the church by providing external and internal safety measures to reduce the potential for criminal activity in the following ways:

  • Provide a safe place to worship
  • Remove fear from the minds of the members and visitors who attend
  • Provide physical security of the building and its contents
  • Work with local law enforcement agencies to prevent crime
  • Protect financial assets of the church
  • Provide protection and security for the Pastor and the safety of the Saints.

Director: Sara G. Times

  • CMBC Patrol
    To provide a safe secure external environment, for those persons who worship, meditate, praise and fellowship
  • P.E.A.C.E.
    The P.E.A.C.E. ministry exists to serve as “watchmen” by providing protection, maintaining order and to provide an atmosphere where members can worship in safety and comfort
    Ministry Leaders: Minister Alfred Burford, Jr. and Minister Terence Smith

S.H.I.E.L.D. Pastoral Support Ministry

The S.H.I.E.L.D. ministry exists to provide a ministry of support, encouragement and advocacy to the office of the Senior Pastor and the pastoral staff at large. The S.H.I.E.L.D. ministry undergirds the pastoral ministry through prayer, spiritual encouragement and tangible support and assistance to the Pastor at anytime and in any setting. This ministry reports directly to the Senior Pastor.
Ministry Leader: Deacon Linda Williams

The Village Student Ministry

The Youth Division exists to guide, promote and support the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of children, youth and teens.
Director: Minister Karlos Nichols

  • Promise Land

    (Ages 2-PreK) Open every 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday

    PromiseLand encourages the children to know who they are, know who they carry, and know what authority has been given to them. Through hands on discovery, story telling and multimedia, children are engaged in learning that builds character, teaches biblical principal and builds knowledge of Bible events, characters, and stories.

    Ministry Leader: Phylis Tuggle & LaKetha Towers
  • Beginnings I & II

    (Grades K-4) Meet 2nd and 4th Sundays

    Beginnings equips children to know God, become disciples, and learn to disciple others through strong biblical foundations and practices. Beginning reaches kids where they are and walks alongside them in their faith journey. Those kids who come to faith at an early age discover God’s purpose for their lives and hope for the future.  Beginning meets across from Main Sanctuary at CMBC South.

    Ministry Leader: Min. Connita Hill
  • YEP! Young and Empowered with Purpose

    (Grades 6-12)- Meet 2nd and 4th Sundays

    An amazing worship experience awaits students on Sunday morning in YEP! We are dedicated to providing a relevant, innovative, and authentic worship experience supported with sound biblical teaching. YEP! meets in the chapel of CMBC South.

    Ministry Leader: Phletia Jones and Dr. Stephanie Payton
  • Tutoring

    The tutoring ministry at Christ Missionary Baptist Church provides support to children and students in the areas of reading, math, science, and social studies.  Led by experienced past/current educators and volunteers, tutoring reinforces concepts and skills that are being taught everyday in schools across the nation.  Preparation services are also offered for standardized testing, ACT/SAT and other assessments. Tutoring meets in the computer lab of CMBC South.

    Ministry Leader: Director Freddie Payton
  • Liturgical Dance

    Early exposure to the gift of music, drama, and dance helps to create a life-long appreciation for using this gift to praise and glorify  God. The goal for our Children and Student Worship and Arts Ministry is to provide children and teen with opportunities to participate in a variety of creative experiences, and to help them become comfortable in leading worship. We want them to understand that they can use music, drama, dance to praise God regardless of their age or ability. Rehearsals are every Wednesday from 6:00pm-8:30pm. 

    Ministry Leader: LaRonia Sawyer
  • LYFE Student Bible Study

    Tuesdays from 6:15pm-7:30pm 

    LYFE Student Bible Study follows the AWANA Truth-seekers curriculum that encourages STRONG biblical foundations for faith, opportunities for discipleship, and community building experiences. In a small group setting students are able to seek practical and biblical answers to life’s everyday questions. LYFE Student Bible Study meets in the Chapel of CMBC South.

    Ministry Leader: Min. Karlos Nichols
  • Ignite Campus Ministry

    The Ignite Campus University Ministry exists to connect college campus life with the church community by providing a “home away from home” experience for college students attending college in the Mid-South area.

    Ministry Leader: Teresa Powers

Worship And Arts

The Worship and Arts division exists to provide meaningful worship encounters with God through music, dance and drama. This ministry also utilizes the tools of technology to enhance the worship experience.
Director: Minister Deborah D. Flagg

  • Music Ministry
    The Music Ministry exists to provide musical support in all services of worship and programs. We strive for excellence through the proper vocal training and instruction and seek to invoke the presence of God through prayer, times of devotion, and reflection through consistent teaching praise, and music. We are charged with a great responsibility as we set the atmosphere for God to dwell in the midst of His people.
    Ministry Leader: Minister Deborah D. Flagg
  • Praise Team
    An ensemble of worshippers who sing (selected by Director of Worship and Arts), to lead the time of worship for all services.
  • Musician Staff
    An ensemble of staff musicians.
  • Dramatic Arts
    The Dramatic Arts ministry exists to provide wonderful opportunities for the expressions of acting, writing and producing in theatrical presentations. Other creative opportunities include: set and costume designing, stage managing, and make-up artistry.
    Ministry Leader: Min. Brandy Lipford and Alisha Williams
  • Liturgical Dance
    The Liturgical Dance ministry is committed to the gift and art of dance. This ministry seeks to utilize dance as a praise and worship tool to honor the holiness and supremacy of God. The CMBC Liturgical Dance Ministry is compelled to create and Minister dances and choreo-dramas that focus on praise and worship, deliverance, edification, healing, salvation and warfare. The dance ministry seeks to nurture every dance participant through the vehicles of prayer, witnessing, and study and dance training.
    Ministry Leader: Laronia Sawyer